Marketing for Growth is the theme of this edition of EMAC. We have chosen this theme inspired by the events that have taken place worldwide recently. At a time of need for the recovery of confidence, marketers are vital to strengthening economic stability through its fundamental role in the institutions and to society.
Marketing research offers small businesses, large organizations, consultants, professors, students and all actors in the world economy answers and business opportunities to the strategic and social challenges of a changing and sometimes vulnerable global society. It is, therefore, a fundamental driver to recover confidence and boost social and economic growth.
At the social level, marketing has a responsibility and a mission to fulfill, fostering the credibility, honesty, and ethics of companies that have been affected by crises and uncertain environments. Likewise, through the marketing function, institutions can spread the needed values to build committed societies with a willingness to overcome.
At the economic level, marketing and the responses provided by its researchers can help to understand the new role of marketing departments and the needs of their stakeholders when schemes change and markets evolve towards new realities.
Madrid, in a full process of overcoming, hosts this new edition of EMAC. ESIC University, as a leading institution in Marketing in Spain, welcomes all researchers and marketing professionals who have analyzed the impact of the latest global crisis and have found solutions and new perspectives to be implemented by marketers to promote economic and social growth in their communities.
Welcome to EMAC-ESIC Marketing for Growth.


Paper submission deadline: December 2, 2020 15:00 CET Time (not open yet)